BNN Technology PLC and MICT announce strategic transaction


On June 21st, 2018, BNN Technology PLC (BNN) acquired a 14.89 percent stake in Micronet Enertec Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQCM: MICT). Following this acquisition, BNN and MICT are pleased to jointly announce the execution of a Letter of Intent to enter into a series of strategic transactions.

Specifically, the Letter of Intent between BNN and MICT outlines the following proposed transactions:

  • BNN will seek to acquire, through a third-party cash tender offer at a price of at least $1.65 (the price per share BNN paid to a MICT shareholder to purchase the 14.89%), an additional approximately 35% stake in MICT, with aview to owning in aggregate at least 50.1% of the company’s issued shares.

  • Both BNN and an unrelated Third Party, a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider of transaction technology, shall be acquired by MICT in exchange for cash and the issuance of shares. The Third-Party acquisition is pursuant to a Heads of Terms, which BNN has previously entered into with the Third Party. The overall combined entity will be cash flow positive.

  • All of the shares of Micronet Tel Aviv currently held by MICT would be spun off to MICT shareholders that remain shareholders of MICT after the tender offer. Micronet Tel Aviv is a publicly traded Tel Aviv company (TASE:MCRNl.TA) owned 49.89% by MICT

  • MICT will raise a minimum of between $26 -$36 million from major global institutional investors.

    As a result of the contemplated transactions, MICT, a publicly traded NASDAQ company, would own BNN and the Third Party, and would have a sizable valuation that offers shareholders in each entity an attractive opportunity for the future.

    These transactions are subject to diligence by the parties, the negotiation of definitive agreements and approval by the respective BNN and MICT Boards of Directors andMICT’s shareholders.

    BNN is a UK registered technology, content and services company with a focus on the Chinese market, and MICT is a developer, manufacturer and provider of mobile computing platforms for the mobile logistics management market in the US, Europe and Israel.

Commenting on the proposed transaction, Darren Mercer, Executive Director of BNN

Technology PLC, said:

“We are excited at the opportunity to announce a potential transformative event for all shareholders involved with the pending transactions. We feel that the proposed tri- party transaction will accelerate the next phase of growth and value creation for all shareholders. The combination with a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider of transaction technology will facilitate the monetization of BNN’s China business.The further combination with MICT will help to expedite our collective organic and inorganic growth plans. We believe this is a compelling opportunity and we will work tirelessly with all parties to close the transaction in the next few months.”

David Lucatz, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of MICT, added:

“The strategic transaction that we are intending to undertake with BNN marks a major step in the evolution of our group and we strongly believe that it will contribute significantly to the growth of MICT. We are extremely excited at the opportunity to partner with BNN and the Third-Party technology platform company and the value proposition these strong companies present for our shareholders.

We believe that this strategic transaction is uniquely structured and will potentially unlock value for the benefit of existing MICT shareholders by providing them a combined partial cash offer at a significant premium to the current market price in conjunction with diversification through a merger into a new fast-growing businesssegment while at the same time enabling them to keep their holdings in MICT’ mainasset (shareholding in the subsidiary Micronet) through the proposed spinoff.

We look forward to working with these management teams to complete thetransaction.”

Official filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission relating to this transaction may be found at