Blockchain firm targets "failing" online retailers

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Online retailers, often blamed for Britain's high street funk, are set to face their own disruption from an artificial intelligence-driven platform. 

Blockchain firm Eligma is planning to raise £17m from the sale of tokens later this month. The digital currency can be used across a range of online stores.

The firm has created a platform connecting existing e-commerce sites and second-hand marketplaces. A 'one-stop shopping account' can be created by customers using tokens to buy goods online.

Eligma founder Dejan Roljic said online shopping "still failing its target market". 

"Product research is time-consuming, multiple registrations for stores are required, fixing prices for second-hand listings isn’t easy and, looking ahead, payments with crypto-currencies are generally not possible," he said. 

"Eligma fixes those problems with a single, unified approach. We’re harnessing AI and blockchain resources to change the way shoppers discover, purchase, track and resell all sorts of items online."