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employee engagement & Change Communications

Successful leaders don’t just focus on managing relationships with external stakeholders and audiences, they put effort into engaging with their employees, because they’ve recognised the reputational, financial and operational benefits in having their whole organisation aligned behind common purpose, strategic priorities and values.

In a business-as-usual environment employees are increasingly seen as potential brand ambassadors and best placed to convey the vision and values and deliver to business objectives. Conversely the reputational and operational risks associated with a workforce that is disconnected and disengaged are significant, and in times of crisis or during a period of organizational transformation the more engaged employees are, the better the crisis can be handled or a newly merged company can be bedded down. Regardless of the individual scenario or business imperative, it all comes down to effective, targeted and timely internal communications.

Hydra brings to CEOs, Corporate Affairs Directors and HR leaders the highest quality of thinking, creativity and rigorous execution in the practice of employee engagement and change communications.

Our partners vast experience and expertise includes end-to-end internal communications strategy development, planning and execution, content planning and creation.  We know how to develop internal communications networks, across regions, functions and business units, channel infrastructure and innovation as well as counselling leaders on the internal positioning of transformational initiatives such as divestments, outsourcing and restructuring.

Services we provide include:

  • Working with senior leaders to develop both their strategic narrative and corporate story specifically for internal audiences, and to coach those leaders to develop further their internal communications capabilities.
  • Operational and change management communications to support major change programmes, M&A activity and integration, restructurings, workforce consolidation and regulatory frameworks.
  • Audit and alignment evaluation for existing internal communications programmes to gauge their effectiveness amongst the employee base and readiness levels of internal brand engagement.
  • Training, coaching, mentoring and developing in-house Corporate Affairs teams to strengthen their capabilities and provide immediate additional resources if required.

Employee Engagement & change CommunicATIONS

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