Financial Communications


A listed company’s financial calendar and its reporting obligations offer a shrinking opportunity to communicate important messages to capital markets. The sheer number of businesses vying for the attention of financial media, equity analysts and institutional investors mean that management of all but the largest global companies has a very slim chance of achieving a following among journalists and independent brokers. 

Online media has propelled company news into near real time, rendering print media business sections almost a day out of date, while analysts are more aware then ever that research on stocks without clear differentiators, let alone liquidity, will not generate commission.

This changing landscape does not remove the imperative to communicate, but forces CEOs, CFOs and Communications Directors to consider carefully where to deploy their firepower. Increasingly, time previously spent on ‘relationship building’ one-to-one programmes with journalists, resulting in no coverage, is more profitably devoted to building a detailed, consistent and sustainable investment story that is hard for all capital markets audiences to ignore.

Hydra’s market-trained consultants are adept at working between C-suite, communications departments and external corporate advisors to develop positionings that demonstrate the drivers of value, referencing proof points, sector-specific context and market opportunity.  We believe in building an appropriate momentum of newsflow, thoughtfully choreographed for the greatest effect and leveraging non-financial corporate developments to evidence progress.

Our team is equally experienced in advising companies at the beginning of their public journeys and as they grow by merger or acquisition. We have, variously, worked on some of the largest and best known transactions and IPOs in recent years, helping to deliver better outcomes through intelligent communications.


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